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looking back on that paper, i feel like many of the accusations i made are now directed at me.  This is, to say the least, a very odd feeling, however, I feel a some sense of duty or obligation (those aren't the right words, but are close enough) to the ideals that i raised implicitly or explicitly in that paper.  To that end, and in the interests of starting my own dialogue with the issues involved in critical pedagogy, I've decided to revisit the paper, and write about my current responses to the issues i had previously raised.

To a large extent, this process resembles the dialectical process that Freire (and Marx) write about when they talk about creation of reality.  I'm looking at these theories, struggling to make them real in the world, and through that process of action and interaction, creating a synthesis of theory and reality that will hopefully help the project of greater freedom and responsibility that seems to be at the heart of critical pedagogy.

So, we have from Foucault (among others) a project of freedom, and the question then is how to achieve it.  Looking back on my paper, I think that the academy's inability to bring about this type of critical awareness was what i was fighting.  Clearly, working towards greater human freedom necessitates critically conscious individuals.